Reactions and Thoughts on Game 4

What a day - I didn't watch the game live, got back from a short vacation probably just after the game ended and immediately started watching it on my DVR (god bless you, you little magic box).

Needless to say though, it almost ruined my entire weekend.

McClure summed it up nicely in the recap - I don't think I'd been that embarrassed watching the Hawks in a long time.  It was far different from previous years' embarrassment ("Tyler Arnason and Bryan Berard are our point leaders?!  Fuuucckk").  It was the feeling of watching an entire team explode before your eyes at the worst possible time.

I was planning on linking to a bunch of other Hawks and Wings blogs to get the spectrum on how people are feeling - but I'll spare you.  It's all too painful right now..

I've told you all before that I think "experience" is overrated.  And I think people use the word "class" way too much in talking about sports.  But man did the Hawks ever show a lack of either.

They've gotta feel like the time you show up wasted to a friend's low-key dinner party, puke in the sink then pass out in the bathroom.  I know I'm not the only ass that's done that, right?  The Hawks have to be regretting what they did and now they have two more days to sit on it.  I hope it's torture. (Versteeg: "Oh man, did I really challange Kronwall to a fight?  Jesus.. that Night Train's a mean wine").

Even better is that I've been on Troll-duty ever since then.  A few have gotten through the cracks and I've even preemptively banned a few - that's fun.

Well the best thing for the Hawks to do now is realize they screwed up in the worst  way and realize they put themselves in a hole that they might not be able to climb out of.  Three in a row against the Canucks was hard - Three in a row against the Scum... ouch.

Don't forget that this team has shown time and time again that they can step up their game when it's needed most.  The next three are all win or go home so lets see how our boys react.  Hopefully better than they did yesterday.

Lets Go Hawks