Richard Panik off to one of the hottest starts for a Blackhawk

Six goals in six games!

You could maybe call Richard Panik perfect to start the season.

He has six goals in six games, the latest a game-tying goal with just under a minute and a half to go. What’s not to love about that? And apparently he’s, uh, channeling Martin Havlat?

Via the Elias Sports Bureau:

Since 1995-96, the only other Chicago player to average at least one goal per team game over the Blackhawks' first six games of a season was Martin Havlat in 2006-07 (seven goals).

Havlat did get off to a hot start for his first season in Chicago: he had 10 goals in his first nine games, and ultimately finished with a 25-goal season (and 57 points, for good measure). Is the same fate in store for Panik?

Well, maybe not; six of nine of Panik’s shots have gone in for a 66.67 shooting percentage. For reference, Panik’s career shooting percentage is 13.8%, so this probably isn’t going to keep up - not unless he starts getting the puck on net a whole lot more. A loooot more.

But it’s kind of awesome to see Panik come back and burn his old team, especially right before quotes like this...

... and then, you know, game-tying goals.

It may not keep up, but it’s been a fun ride so far - and a productive one, and that’s what matters.