Ryan Hartman, Trevor van Riemsdyk beat the St. Louis Blues in ‘NHL 17’

Two Blackhawks beat two Blues at a video game. It’s only better when it’s on the ice.

NHL 17 may have a member of the St. Louis Blues on the cover, but that doesn’t mean any of them are any good at the video game.

Okay, well, no - that’s not being entirely fair. Robby Fabbri and Joel Edmundson did score a couple of goals, but when it came to their game against the Blackhawks’ Ryan Hartman and Trevor van Riemsdyk, well...

We don’t get to see too much of any of the guys playing as themselves — really, just Fabbri — but we do get to see pretty much everyone admitting to making a mistake. It’s kinda like real life, only with fewer consequences!

But hey, it all works out in the end, with Hartman taking advantage of getting to control Duncan Keith to come up with the big win. Good thing, too - can you imagine somehow losing to the Blues off of the ice? That would be a special kind of brutal.

Plus, there’s just something great about watching professional athletes pretend to be their teammates. It’s awesome.