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Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting, Get A Little Action In: Hawks-Canucks Blog Watch


Oh dear. Hockey night in Chicago, and a late start at that. I think we may add to the list of people who have vomited at our get togethers at Whirlaway. Anyway, you know the drill. The Triangle of Idiocy will be taking in the Hawks-Canucks game this Saturday at Whirlaway (Fullerton and Kedzie). Though the game is at 9, we encourage anyone who would like to join us to get there as early as possible to stake out space from the oncoming normal Saturday night crowd. Once the game starts and all the hipsters are disgusted at all the sports fans (though an alarming number of hipsters in that area are huge hockey fans), we could end up with a hilarious brawl that will go down in the annals (That’s ANNALS, McClure). Join us, won’t you?

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