SCH Game Center 1/29

Here is a rundown for all your NHL games for 1/29/13

We have a lot of die hard NHL fans that come here who watch more than just the Blackhawks. We also have some frequent visitors from other fan bases too. I decided to try something new for the nights the Hawks are not in action. Not only will these posts serve as a rundown of all the other NHL games but it will also be a forum to discuss other games besides the Hawks. The GDT links will take you the each team's SB Nation blog's coverage. If you guys really enjoy this maybe this can be an everyday thing. Anyways, on to tonight's schedule.

New Jersey Devils (GDT) @ Boston Bruins (GDT) 6 pm

Toronto Maple Leafs (GDT) @ Buffalo Sabres (GDT) 6 pm

Philadelphia Flyers (GDT) @ New York Rangers (GDT) 6 pm

Winnipeg Jets (GDT) @ Montreal Canadiens (GDT) 6:30 pm

Washington Capitals (GDT) @ Ottawa Senators (GDT) 6:30 pm

New York Islanders (GDT) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (GDT) 6:30 pm

Florida Panthers (GDT) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (GDT) 6:30 pm

Dallas Stars (GDT) @ Detroit Red Wings (GDT) 6:30 pm

Columbus Blue Jackets (GDT) @ Minnesota Wild (GDT) 7 pm

Anaheim Ducks (GDT) @ San Jose Sharks (GDT) 9:30 pm

* All times are Central Standard Time