SCH Game Center 1/31

Here is the schedule for today's games around the NHL and SB Nation's coverage of them.

Buffalo Sabres (GDT) @ Boston Bruins (GDT) 6 pm

Washington Capitals (GDT) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (GDT) 6 pm

New York Islanders (GDT) @ New Jersey Devils (GDT) 6 pm

Pittsburgh Penguins (GDT) @ New York Rangers (GDT) 6 pm

St Louis Blues (GDT) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (GDT) 6 pm

Winnipeg Jets (GDT) @ Florida Panthers (GDT) 6:30 pm

Colorado Avalance (GDT) @ Calgary Flames (GDT) 8 pm

Nashville Predators (GDT) @ Los Angeles Kings (GDT) 9:30 pm

Edmonton Oilers (GDT) @ San Jose Sharks (GDT) 9:30 pm

* all times are Central Standard Time