SCH Game Center 10/10

All this NHL action plus the Bears. My liver will hate me in the morning.

Avalanche (GDT) @ Bruins (GDT) 6pm CDT

Blue Jackets (GDT) @ Sabres (GDT) 6pm CDT

Hurricanes (GDT) @ Capitals (GDT) 6pm CDT

Coyotes (GDT) @ Red Wings (GDT) 6:30pm CDT (NHLN-US)

Panthers (GDT) @ Lightning (GDT) 6:30 CDT

Maple Leafs (GDT) @ Predators (GDT) 7pm CDT

Jets (GDT) @ Wild (GDT) 7pm CDT

Canadiens (GDT) @ Oilers (GDT) 8:30pm CDT

Sharks (GDT) @ Canucks (GDT) 9pm CDT

Rangers (GDT) @ Ducks (GDT) 9pm CDT