SCH IHC Anniversary Game #2 Sunday Sept. 22nd 9:30 am...This Time We Mean It!

So last week was a wash due to inclement weather and not wanting everyone to drag out their food and beverages to sit in the rain. So get ready for the SCH IHC Anniversary game Part Deux.

From our very own resident 8 year old, Mr. LanceFister3: Come celebrate the SCH Inline Hockey Club's 1st Bi-Anniversary, which just so happens to be on the same day as the 4th Semi-Anniversary and the 2nd Anniversary. How excited am I? I'm not even sure if I'm spelling Anniversary correctly! "But Lucas", you ask, "isn't the actually anniversary of the club sometime in July or August? It's already September, idiot!". Valid point. But you know what? Jesus was probably born in June and we celebrate his birthday in freaking December, so who cares! The point is, the Earth has gone around the Sun slightly more than two times since the formation of this rag-tag group of wannabe hockey players, so it's time to celebrate! Be there, 9am! Weather is supposed to be not hot, so that's cool! Get it? Cool? Hot? If I can pun like that in a Facebook Event description box, just imagine what crazy puns we can come up with when we are holding sticks and out of breath! Exclamation marks!!!

Yes, that's right we are so dysfunctional that we can't even host an anniversary game properly. So if you missed last week cause you were say, at the Bears game, this weekend there is no excuse. Bears aren't playing until Sunday night so come on out and pre-game with the SCH IHC. Join us on Facebook and like us in real life. See you out there.