SCH IHC: Game 3 Sunday, April 21st 10 am

Here's your reminder of our weekly Sunday SCH Inline Hockey game in Hoffman Estates at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School rink.

Important Info:

SCH Inline Hockey Club Game is scheduled for Sunday 04/21/13

Start time: 10:00 a.m. (CST)

Required equipment: Inline skates, hockey stick, hockey gloves, skill/teeth optional

Location: Pine Park rink in Hoffman Estates (just north of route 62)

Enrollment fee: $0!

When do you idiots play?

SCH Inline Hockey Club plays every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. weather permitting!

Who is the SCH IHC?

Since 2011, people have been gathering around the city and burbs to play in an outdoor, inline hockey game. Why outdoor? Why inline? Because it makes the game free! Well, mostly free, we had to purchase a new net because a group of hoodlums stole one. But we are back at full strength with TWO nets.

Now, we're on our third year of playing with a regular weekly game ranging from 10 to 18 players, yeah it's growing. We play with goalies and have subs. All skill levels are welcome for this casual, cheap, and fun hockey experience!

We have had a Tony the Tiger "GRRRRREAT" start to the 2013 season, we have had new players show up, volunteers for goalies and high quality hockey games mixed with the humor and fun.

Last Week's Recap:

We had our best turn out yet with 18 men and women, yup we've gone transgender, show up for our game. Mike aka Billy Charlesboi aka the commish went out and bought us a new net, we owe him much praise and honor. Two new members to the 2013 roster volunteered to play goalie, big thanks to Emily and Garrett for that. We played 3 games to 5 and the white team edged out the red team 2 games to 1. Tim was sober so his play was at a higher than normal level, scored at least 4 goals for the white team. Next week I will be keeping record of goals, assists and ha-ha penalties. This is getting serious.

Join us to make 2013 the best year of our Inline Hockey Club yet!