SCH Mailbag: Submit your questions here

You have questions, we have answers.

One thing that's important to us here at SCH is being able to engage with our readers. In the past, there have been things such as the summer GIF tournament, where you guys could submit GIFs for consideration in the tournament, and then got to vote on which ones would move on, and eventually the winner. Those kind of things are awesome for us to get to engage with you guys in a different way, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, we haven't felt like we've done that to the fullest extent this season. For the most part, the readers engagement has been via commenting on articles and creating discussions (which you guys are fantastic at). But we want to start doing more to involve you guys in the content of this site.

So, starting this week, we will be starting a monthly roundtable, where will we answer questions from you guys: our readers. You guys will have the opportunity to ask us about the topics that you really want to hear about, rather than us simply posting articles for you to read. A few of our team members will chime in on the questions in order to provide a few different perspectives.

You can submit your questions on the comment thread below, or by tweeting using the hashtag #AskSCH and/or sending a tweet directly to @2ndCityHockey or me at @FeathersInDaHat. If your Twitter profile is private, please comment below rather than tweeting, so that we can see your questions. Depending on the level of feedback, we will look to post our responses sometime next week.

We're excited to hear from you guys and talk about the things you want to talk about. So get to asking!

Adam Hess is the editor and publisher of Feathers in the Hat, and a staff writer at Second City Hockey. You can follow him on Twitter and send your #AskSCH questions to @FeathersInDaHat.