Schedule's Out!

Yay!  I know when I'm employed again!  Anyway, the highlights:

We knew already that the Hawks open in Finland the 2nd and 3rd of October against the Cats.  Over/under on 6-foot blondes Burish brings home?  17?

The Hawks return five days later to open the Joe Louis Arena schedule, and then open the home schedule on the 10th against Colorado.

Vancouver makes their first trip to bitch and yap on the 21st. Marty makes his first return to the UC on the 26th, though he'll be here once in the preseason. The new look Canadiens will be here for the first time in years the night before Halloween, and Toronto returns for the first time since Peter Bondra netted his 500th on Nov. 13th.

Scum make their first visit on Dec. 20th, and the Devils will be here on NYE. The Olympic breaks hits after the 14th of February, meaning that the Hawks have no home games between Feb. 13th and March 2nd (also meaning McClure and I will embark on Feb. 18th on something that rhymes with Begas Crip).

However, the main thing I'd like to address here:  Some people during the playoffs suggested we try and organize a Second City road trip, and there are a couple dates we might want to look at:  Feb. 6th at St. Louis, a Saturday night, is the obvious one, as there's no home game the next day that I have to be here for, though any of these can be done without me.  There are also a couple dates in Columbus that could be contenders, but we have much time to discuss.

Our lives have meaning again.