Scoreboard Watching

Just because the Hawks aren't playing tonight doesn't mean you can go talk to your girlfriend/child/mom/dog.  There's still playoff hockey to watch.  Here are the games for tonight:

Detroit @ Columbus 6:00 - Detroit leads 2-0, this is the first playoff game ever in Columbus.  Didn't help the Jackets - they lost

Pittsburgh @  Philadelphia 6:00 - Penguins lead the series 2-1 - this one should be fun, this is my favorite series so far outside of the Hawks/Flames.  Another solid game - Pens win

New Jersey  @  Carolina  6:30 - Devils lead 2-1  One of the more bizarre endings in the playoffs - Broduer loses it.

Vancouver  @  St. Losers  7:00 -  St. Louis loses and they're done.  Pour one out for the Blues - they're getting the golf clubs ready.

San Jose  @  Anaheim  9:30 - Ducks beat the Sharks both games in San Jose.  I'm going to be before this one is done but the Sharks are in the lead.  Wiz has a goal though - the legend continues.