Scott Darling is the best at Instagram captions

He got to meet Jonathan Toews!

Scott Darling is living the dream: he’s playing for the NHL team he grew up cheering for.

There are certain perks that come with that. As Darling so succinctly put it after a win over the Sabres:

I got to meet @jonathantoews last night, so that was cool 😍

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Pics, and it did happen. (Also, video. A couple years’ worth of that, actually.)

Still, Darling is basically all of us in that moment - just with NHL-level talent, which means he gets to meet Jonathan Toews a lot. Who wouldn’t be excited by that, especially now?

And even after all this time, he still gets that heart eyes reaction. That’s the sign of an awesome teammate - and judging by that win, hopefully Toews feels the same.