Scott Darling repped the Chicago Bears in enemy territory

Oh yeah, he’s from here.

One of the cool things about Scott Darling is that he’s from the Chicago area. The Blackhawks were his team growing up; to see him ultimately wear their jersey - and even lift the Stanley Cup in it - is pretty incredible.

But there’s a nice little bonus that comes with Darling growing up a Hawks fan: he grew up cheering for other Chicago sports teams, too.

Sure, a lot of athletes tend to adopt their new city’s other teams. And then you have Darling, going to a pre-season NFL game at Foxborough to wear enemy colors.

One Bears fan in a sea of Patriots fans #GoBears

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Okay, so the Bears lost - but it was just by a point, and it’s pre-season. More importantly, though, Darling won. Both in regards to his fashion sense - and our hearts.