Scott Darling's new mask features awesome Michael Jordan tribute

You want to rep Chicago? That's how you rep Chicago.

Lest we ever forget Scott Darling is, in fact, a local boy.

Okay, so you don't have to be from Chicago to admire Michael Jordan. We are talking, unquestionably, about one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But Jordan is best known for the 13 seasons he spent with the Bulls - so it's a little extra special for Chicago.

And with that, fellow professional athlete repping second city, Darling, who gets the distinction of playing for a professional Chicago sports team while being from the area.

So... why not put Jordan on your mask? Seriously, there's no reason not to.

@sdarling_33 @nhlblackhawks #DaveArt #NHL #DaveArtTheCradleOfCreativity

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So that's exactly what he did, with help from David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, goalie mask man extraordinaire.

It's unquestionably still a Blackhawks mask - but there's just a little extra hint of greatness there now, too.