Second City Hockey Is On The Clock: Help Us Pick in the SBN Mock Draft

I'm busy getting things ready to head off to Montreal tomorrow (I'm really hoping the Lightning draft me!). So I can't get into much detail about the draft pick for SBN's Mock Draft.

First up - you should head over to Mirtle's site and check who has been taken so far.

Then, check out places like Hockey's Future or the TSN Draft page and check some profiles.

Here's some names McClure and I have thrown around (Sam had to get a real job since hockey is over and he's not on the computer all day).

Ryan O'Reily - C - 6'0 - 200lbs

Pros - Irish kid

Cons - Word is he's a terrible skater.

Kyle Palmieri - RW/C - 5'10 - 191lbs

Pros - We need centers

Cons - Has some discipline issues and with Beach and Aliu we don't need any more headcases, though he may have just refused to rat out teammates.. so who know?

Nick Leddy - D - 5'11 - 179lbs

Pros - Great skater, powerful shot

Cons - Umm.. we'll make something up and say he really likes Carlos Mencia

Joonas Nattinen - C - 6'2 - 183lbs

Pros - Tough two-way center, wins battles, gets in front of the net

Cons - Not a great shooter, Listens to Jock Jams to get pumped up (that's actually true)

Taro Tsujimoto Jr - C/D - 6'3 - 210 lbs

Pros - Just about the most complete player you'll find in the draft, can play any skating position, tough to knock off the puck, huge booming slapshot, one of the prettiest skaters you'll ever see

Cons - doesn't actually exist

So vote - comment - tell us what you think and come back tomorrow to tell us how badly we fucked up.

Who should we draft tomorrow?

Ryan O'Reily7
Kyle Palmieri9
Nick Leddy15
Joonas Nattinen30
Someone else22