Second City Hockey: Now and Then...

So the last two game threads have been pretty insane - and I was recently give some stats that simply blow me away.  SBN recently ran some reports on the number of members/comments/stories and the like for the past two years.

In 2008, which was mostly before Sam and I were asked to join the site, Second City Hockey gained 185 members and there were 863 comments in 209 stories.  Either one of our last two game threads blow away the entirety of 2008... that's amazing and we can't thank you all enough.

Hit the jump for an awesome comparison to how much ass we kicked in 2009 and see if you were one of the top 10 in people who wasted the most time with us last year...

So here are the yearly comparisions:

New Members:

2008 - 185
2009 - 1,441

Total Comments:

2008 - 863
2009 - 49,110

Total FanPosts:

2008 - 44
2009 - 274

Total FanShots:

2008 - 11
2009 - 305

Not bad people - keep it up because it makes our role here a hell of a lot easier and far more enjoyable... Now on to the fun part, the most active commenters in 2009:

Most Active Commenters

User Count
mjthor 2785
Matthew Dirt 2411
Trixietrx 1455
Sec 326 Bureau Chief 1419
hawks61 1295
chrome 1277
russellguldin 1249
HappyHuman 1136
ChicoMaki 1003
Hungryhawk 927

So a congratulations (of sorts) to mjthor for kicking ass in wasting more time than just about anyone else.  Feel free to use this post as a trump card in case someone questions your SCH cred in a game thread...  As for the rest of you, time to up your game in 2010.

And in case anyone is curious - I posted more stories than Sam and McClure combined...  Pick up the pace you slackers!