Second City Hockey website news: No, I’m not crying, you’re crying

My final post at SCH is my chance to say thank you. I’m going to miss this greatly.

This is a post that was always going to be weird to write. I both always wanted to write it, and never wanted to write it. Now that it’s here, it still feels a little surreal to finally say it publicly: I’ve resigned from my position as site manager of Second City Hockey.

Leaving was always going to be difficult because of what this website and all of you have meant to me. The opportunity given to me back in 2014 as a nobody in Chicago who had never covered hockey still blows my mind. The way that everyone embraced me during that first season, when I got to cover a Stanley Cup victory in person, gave me a confidence in my future in media that had been shaken by the reality of my first six months out of college. This is what I want to be doing.

Second City Hockey helped give me purpose professionally, and gave me an outlet where I could write about what I wanted with the confidence that readers would appreciate it as long as I had compelling ideas and arguments. The decision to go all-in on covering hockey, a sport that was admittedly foreign to me as a kid, was one I often second-guessed, but now feels like a turning point for the better.

So now let’s speak of the new turning point for me: I’ve accepted a position as a Digital Media Producer — Sports for the Chicago Sun-Times. I’m starting the job soon, and I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to cover the wider Chicago sports scene while helping make our city’s local sports media the best it can be. As a result, I’m leaving my positions at Vox Media and The Athletic.

This is truly going to be a dream job for me, and it’s one that never would’ve been sent my way if it wasn’t for what I accomplished here. I’ve poured so much of my life into SB Nation over the past few years, and while it’s bittersweet to be leaving, I’m confident it’s for a chance to do something special. It’s what I’ve been working towards.

But first, there are also countless people who helped make this happen. Travis Hughes was the one who hired me as SCH manager. Brian Floyd, Mike Prada, Kurt Mensching, Mary Clarke, and countless others at SB Nation were instrumental in supporting me. Scott Powers has been an amazing co-worker at The Athletic. I’m forever grateful to everyone who took me under their wing and encouraged me to reach my potential.

And then there’s everyone here. Brandon Cain, good God, this site doesn’t exist without him. His willingness to do the MBS every morning is a miracle and I feel incredibly lucky that we’ve been able to work together and hear his Blues jokes the past few years. He’s been this place’s quiet superstar, our very own Corey Crawford.

Dave Melton, Adam Hess, Robert Zeglinski, Randy Holt, Brad Repplinger, Jenna Wills, Liz McNeill, Peter Elliott, Erika Yaffe, Blake Schuster, Ari Yanover, Steve Primose, and all of the other writers whose bylines have shown up here, you’re all so awesome. This was a job that either paid nothing or peanuts, usually for myself included, and so many people still brought a passion and enthusiasm that was necessary to do it well. I truly hope that everyone who worked alongside me here enjoyed their time as much as I did.

Greg Boysen and Sam Fels, the previous site managers, helped establish a foundation upon which I could build, and I’m also quite grateful for that. Their ongoing presence in the Blackhawks blogging community, along with the countless other websites, helped push all of us to be better.

Finally, even though this is more of a “see you around” than a proper goodbye, I wanted to say thank you to the many Second City Hockey readers who have supported me and this website over the past 3.5 years. None of you needed to do that, and I remind myself that constantly because I’m just some guy who types out words about other guys who wear knives on their shoes. It would’ve been understandable if nobody cared what I had to say.

I really hope I left this place better than I found it, and I wish the best of luck to whoever takes the reins next. Hopefully that person gets to cover a Blackhawks season more fun than the one we’ve just endured. Having already informed SB Nation of my resignation, there is a plan in place to determine what happens next with Second City Hockey. Be on the lookout for more information there.

Otherwise, this is it for now. I’m sure you’ll see me around soon.

Go Hawks. Win that draft lottery, baby.