Second City Hockey's Opening Night Party


You didn't think we'd take in the opener without you, did you?

Anyway, a lot of you know the drill by now. It's Friday, there's a good chance you'll be downtown at work anyway. So instead of heading home, opening a cheap beer and microwaving some food, why don't you knock off work and come join as at The Bottom Lounge (1374 W. Lake st, off the Ashland stop on the Pink or Green line), and watch the games with your fellow inmates of the SCH insane asylum? We'll be upstairs, throwing back libations and having an overall great time. For those who haven't made it out to meet us before, we assure you it's worth it. Oh, as an added bonus I may just be carrying a few copies of The Committed Indian's Season Preview issue, so you can get a look at that before the unwashed masses do.

Come on out, and get a look at what all these freaks really look like.