Sending The Wrong Message

Semyon Varlamov is starting in net for the Avalanche tonight, just days after after spending a night in jail on domestic violence charges.

I have not said much about the Seymon Varlamov case in the last couple of days because I believe in hearing all the details before passing judgement. As more details come out in this matter, it is starting to become pretty clear that we are dealing with a bad guy. To make matters worse the Colorado Avalanche are starting Varlamov in net tonight against the Dallas Stars. This is a horrible idea.

Varlamov's girlfriend, Evgenia Vavinyuk spoke to Denver's KUSA TV and gave some horrifying details of her relationship with the Avalanche goalie.

"I want the American government to defend me. I want everyone to know, all the fans to know, that he's not the great Semyon Varlamov. Great people don't beat up their women. They don't give them concussions. They don't belittle them, throw out like dogs. I want people to know this, that this man can be an animal."

I will not go into all the gruesome details, but according to Vavinyuk this is man who laughed while stomping on her.  This is someone you want to represent your organization? I am aware that you are innocent until proven guilty, but that is in the court of law.  A private company does not have wait for the courts to make a decision before they can take action with one of their employees. I really think the Avalanche are sending the absolute wrong message by putting Varlamov right back on the ice.  What they are telling me is that 2 points in November are more important than taking some time and doing the right thing. There is nothing wrong with giving Varlamov a leave of absence for a week or so and calling up another goalie from the AHL. Any Colorado fan that would be upset with that course of action should take a long look in the mirror.

As a society, we are telling ourselves that as long as you run faster, jump higher or hit a baseball farther than everyone else, the rules don't apply to you. The tight lipped Avs are coming off as this just another case of "boys will be boys." This sort of attitude is extremely dangerous and needs to stop. How many times do we need to read about some small town football players raping a girl and then the girl being portrayed as the guilty party? This is same line of thinking that led to years of child molestation at Penn State too. When is it going to stop? When did the health of a sports program or franchise become more important than a human being? And before you say it, I know Bobby Hull is one of the Blackhawks Ambassadors. I don't like that either. I get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach every time he gets a standing obviation thinking about the damage he has caused in the past.

I believe everyone is entitled to a second chance, but does it need to be so fast? Would it be so horrible of the Avalanche to at least acknowledge that maybe, just maybe something isn't right about all of this? Before getting off my soapbox, I will leave you with another quote from Evgenia Vavinyuk :

"I want to say women can't allow men to abuse them. You absolutely can't stay quiet about it. I think I did the right thing by not staying silent. I wasn't scared of his fame, his popularity,"

If her side of the story is true, then bravo to you Ms Vavinyuk for being brave enough to make a stand.