Setting me up just to knock-a knock-a knock-a me down: Power Rankings, Week 6

Most of these polls were completed before Toews' return and the solid victory over the Kings on Monday night so they're based on the back-to-back losses to the Yotes and Avs. So it's no big surprise there's a lot of downward movement in this weeks rankings. In fact, the Hawks dropped down several spots in all but one ranking (Thanks TSN!)

SBN Power Rankings: The Blackhawks dropped out of the Top-10 in the league for the first time in the SBN rankings this year. They dropped down to 5th best in the Western conference as well, down two spots from last week.

The Hockey News: Taken before Toews' return against the Kings, the Hawks dropped 4 spots from last week to the 12th overall spot.  
NHL Fanhouse:  12th overall is really popular this week.  
TSN: Somehow, the Hawks held onto their 8th overall spot in TSN's poll.. Highest ranking this week..
ESPN:  ESPN ranked the Hawks highest the last few weeks but they've dropped them down to 10th overall this week.

League Wide Stats:

Even though the power rankings dropped - the actual stats are looking pretty good.  They dropped in overall points and goals against per game one spot each but there was some movement up in Faceoff%, Power Play % and most importantly in Penalty Kill %.  
Points:  With 20 points, we're tied with 4 other teams at 9th
Goals/Game:  14th Overall (2.88)
Goals Against/Game: 6th Overall (2.31)
Shots/Game:  5th Overall (32.9)
Shots Against/Game: Top of the Pops x3 (22.4)
Faceoff %:  2nd Overall (53.4)
Power Play:  18th Overall (18.8)
Penalty Kill: 2nd Overall (86.2)