Sharing A Memory

Hockey is family.....

As the sad news of the passing of Adam Fels hit the circles of Blackhawks and Cubs fans I am once again reminded of the importance of family. It's moments like these that make you realize complaining about soft goals, power play numbers or who is playing at the 12th forward position is not what really brings us together; it's family. Hockey seems to have the tightest family base of all the major sports. It takes a huge commitment by the parents of a child, both with time and money, to let them succeed in the sport of hockey and fulfill their dreams. I think it is safe to say that everyone who reads this had someone who encouraged and enriched their love of this game at one point in their lives.

That person for me was my father. My parents were season ticket holders back in the 70's and instilled their love of hockey in my sister and I at an early age. I remember being at the Chicago Stadium with my dad while he explained to why it was important to wait for the whistle before getting up and how frustrating the two line pass was. I am going to share with you the Heritage Night ceremony, from 1/9/2011, that honored the 1961 Stanley Cup team. This was the final game my father and I attended before he lost his battle to cancer. My childhood was filled of stories from players on this team. It was a special team in the heart of my father and there was no way I was going to have him miss their reunion. 20 months later, while I was in my father's room picking out the suit for his funeral I saw the ticket stub from this game on his dresser. That stub was laid to rest with him. I still have my stub from that game and it is the most important piece of Blackhawks memorabilia I own. It is far more precious than any jersey, autograph or puck I have in my collection.

So, the next time you are watching a game with that person, or if you are lucky enough to be that person for somebody else, take a second to sit back and enjoy the moment. They do not last forever......

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1961 Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Night 1-9-11 ©® 2011 Mindy Verson (via mindymogul)