Sludge Factory: Hawks 0, Blues 1


The title, and the picture, pretty much sum up the ice and the performance tonight. This resembled a football game between the Bears and Lions or Packers from a few years ago. Just an absolute slog where it never looked like anyone would score. How many of you thought it would go scoreless? I was convinced it would, until Burish picked up a really dumb penalty at the very end of the 2nd. Must've been concentrating on being named the team's stud earlier in the day. Either that or his syphillus is acting up.

We didn't lose the game tonight because of the ice, but it merits a mention.  This was unquestionably the worst surface we have seen the Hawks play on this season.  Did the puck stay flat for more than 3 seconds?  Some will argue that both teams had to play on it, but that clearly gives the advantage to St. Louis.  They try and jam everything up, win battles along the boards, keep it tight.  When you can't complete a pass, that makes it a whole lot easier.

The 1st period contained some ridiculous and sloppy play from the Hawks.  Adams and Bolland were guilty of pornographic turnovers that should have been goals.  Luckily, the Blues customary agoraphobic finishing saved the day.  Huet also had to make some big saves.  Without him, this would have been over quickly.  Once again, the Hawks started with a parade to the box, throwing off any rhythm they would have wanted and fucking up the lines and shifts.

The 2nd period is when this game really turned ugly, for everyone involved.  There were a couple scrambled chances, but nothing built.  The only moment of note is when Burish decided to ax Winchester's angle, only in front of everyone, which led to the power play that won the game.  Though this was a 4-on-3, which are tricky to kill off, the Hawks PK has let them down all trip.  This has to be the first thing to fix, as nothing will end the season quicker than a leaky Pk.

Bright spots?  Buff wasn't on the ice, that's always nice.  Barker had a strong, physical game, and looked one of the few who had a stomach for the fight.  Havlat and Toews were once again fighting it out to be the best Hawk, but that was about it.  Both Bolland and Kane got shaken up but returned to the ice.

What's worrying is that hockey will look more like this as the season goes on, and the playoffs even more.  The Hawks have not shown the desire to outwork the Blues in any of their games.  They'd better learn, as they'll have to do the same tomorrow night against Dallas.  Florida, Dallas again, and Minnesota next week will require the same.  Hopefully the lesson is applied tomorrow.  Here are your Corsi and shift charts.

I'm sure the game thread has some hilarity to it.  If any Hawks fans are angry with Blues fans or sick of any trash being talked, just do what Scum fans did to us last season.  Congratulate them on their wins over us on the same day we host Game 1 of the playoffs while they worry about ping-pong balls.  I'm sure you'll be fine after that.