Smith and Potulny Sent Down, Do Not Stifle Yawn

So first the news: Ben Smith and Ryan Potulny were sent down today. And no, I have no idea what that means. Marian Hossa practiced today but without contact, so I'd be shocked if he's in the lineup against the New Jersey We Used To Be An NHL Team Y'know. This could be the ol' Cap savings shuffle thing again. Or maybe they just want to take a look at other kids? Which would mean Brandon Pirri and Evan Brophey could be on the return. Honestly, I can't see where Ben Smith did anything wrong in his three games here. He provided some energy for the 4th line and at least forechecked hard. But again, this isn't going to decide too much either way.

-Since both the Feather and I called him out -- and the fact that I have time and the desire to call out 4th line centers makes me think my life has completely gone off the rails -- Jake Dowell has been all right.  Not only has he potted three goals, but he's been over .500 in his last three games in the faceoff dot.  He also has not been on the ice for a power play goal against.  That's pretty much all you ask of a fourth line center.

-Lastly, I had planned to write some long treatise on how McClure and the like need to calm down a bit.  All I say is we knew the ride would be bumpy, last night came down to a couple of mistakes instead of a game-long poor effort.  Those will be corrected, and efforts like last night will bring two points more often than they don't.  Henrik Lundqvist doesn't play for everybody.  I mean maybe metaphorically he does, he seems like a nice guy, but he's only on one team.