Some Odds and Ends

Not sure why I felt compelled to put this picture in, but whatever.  Anyway, some funny thingys:

-The Hawks and Wilco are teaming up for a contest.  Does this mean the Hawks will also soon become boring, self-important, and something only girls like?  This is otherwise known as The Smashing Pumpkins Plan.

-More reason to hate The Blues, as if you needed one.

-Down Goes Brown, one of the many superb Leafs blogs, with a hilarious video.

-And this has nothing to do with hockey, but has been making me giggle all morning.

Some of you probably saw Kuc's story in the Tribune about Kane being on the PK, and of course Rosenbloom jumped all over it.  While some of Rosey's points aren't totally ridiculous, there are some points to remember.  One, Q only trotted this out when the Hawks were well ahead as an experiment.  Is this one way to force-feed defensive responsibility to Kaner?  Maybe,  I'm not convinced though.  Secondly, whatever Kane learns, the fact is he isn't all that big or even all that fast.  He's not going to win many puck-battles, and retrieval will be a struggle.  Messier and Yzerman were far bigger than Kane, those aren't fair comparisons, same with Modano.  So even if Kane does all the right things in his own zone, there will still be times he's a liability back there.  If Q wants an offensive threat from the PK, than Toews and Sharp are the way to go, as well as Bolland.  If the Hawks find themselves killing of a string of penalties, than throw Kane out there for a shift, as he alludes to doing in the article.