‘Soup and a Sandwich,’ starring Brian Campbell and Artemi Panarin, is pure art

“I am here!”

Soups and sandwiches go together, just like Brian Campbell and Artemi Panarin.

And if you don’t believe me, this new web series from the Chicago Blackhawks proves it.

Soupy has his own show! And he’s got everything he needs for it, except some bread, which the Bread Man just so happens to have on him. As he mysteriously appears. From the corner of a packed storage room. Seemingly with the only door, like, behind the camera.

This is art, guys. This is art at its highest level. From Campbell’s beautiful sweater to the fact that Panarin apparently just carries bread around with him wherever he goes, which I believe 100%.

The second episode took a dark turn, though...

Is... is Artemi okay? (I assume he is, because he does break at the end.) Saltines aren’t bread.

The Hawks have outdone themselves here, though. I can’t wait for more Soup and a Sandwich - it’s definitely joined the ranks of must-see Wednesday material.