Specks Of Light: Flyers at Hawks Game 1 Preview/Pregame Thread/IC Unit

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GAMETIME: 7pm Central

TV/RADIO: NBC (sucks), CBC (doesn't), WGN 720 AM (meh)

Philly Station: Broad Street Hockey

Wow, actually writing a preview for a Stanley Cup Final game. Exciting, no? You ready? No? Well, too bad. It's here, and we'll get through it together.

Look, we've broken this down for the past week, so there's not much left to say here. The particulars; Andrew Ladd is out for tonight, Tomo Kop is in, and it looks like Sharp and The Slovaks will be playing tonight, with Brouwer sliding down to Ladd's spot. That's fine, Brouwer can perform in that role, and might even benefit from playing with a playmaker like Versteeg. Philly has no new injury concerns.

We don't know who Q will match up who with, so we'll find out together. Both of these teams have had a little trouble with starting games. With the absolute bonkers atmosphere that the UC should be tonight, I can't see how the Hawks don't come out firing, but I've said that before. Watch out for the 2nd, the Flyers have been absolute nails in that period, where their speed wreaks havoc on teams caught in long changes. But they haven't dealt with speed like the Hawks.

You know what? Enough talk. Let's just do this...