Staff Report Cards: Andrew Shaw

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

All situations
5 on 5 on-ice
5 on 5
CF% rel
GF% rel
ZS% rel
Regular Season 80 20 19 39 15.4 7.1 13.40% 1 56.90% 1.90% 58.90% 5.00% 9.40% 91.60% 101.1 68.60% 16.90% 25.00% 50.90% 5.30% 27.70% 28.30%
Playoffs 12 2 6 8 15.2 5.9 10.00% 0 55.00% 8.00% 64.70% 19.50% 13.10% 91.00% 104.1 66.30% 17.40% 26.60% 40.20% 0.10% 27.90% 29.60%

Kind of nuts that Andrew Shaw just completed his first full 82-game season with the Blackhawks. Seems like the passed over twice, fifth rounder has been around for a lot longer than that. Shaw has grown into one of the most revered Blackhawks as he blends together old and new school hockey. Stat freaks love his possession metrics and his attitude and style embody the scrappy white kid archetype. While he does have his bouts of stupid, Shaw is an effective depth forward.

Regular Season

20 goal scorer is not a phrase you think would be attached to Shaw, but he played at that pace for two seasons before hitting that mark this year. To put that in perspective, his Goals For % was a smidge behind Toews for top of the squad. Shaw continued to be an asset on the power play where he potted 5 goals from, what one would assume, was a combined distance of about 6 feet. His ability to go to the dirty areas, play in front of the net, and be that pest player earned him his job. It’s one of those situations where Keep It Simple Stupid has paid off.
However, that edge game comes with its downfalls and he is prone to stupid penalties. He finished the year with the second most PIMs behind Brandon Bollig. But his energy also drove a lot of the play during those midseason doldrums when some guys want to check out. No one can ever accuse Shaw of not being engaged, I guess aside from his girlfriend.


Shaw’s playoffs started out a bit bumpy as he had some trouble dealing with the Blues depth. He matched up a lot with Schwartz and Sobotka. While he wasn’t getting crushed, he wasn’t being that X factor that the Blackhawks need from him. It wouldn’t be until game 4 when Shaw and fellow third liner Bryan Bickell would each pot a goal while in front of the net.

After taking a hit from Clayton Stoner, Shaw missed the rest of the Wild series and the first two contests with the Kings. He returned for game 3 in LA. But the story for Shaw was games 5,6,7 where he stepped up to center Patrick Kane and Brandon Saad. Shaw played admirably, picking up four assists as the threesome possessed the ever-loving shit out of the Kings. A lot of it was due to Saad turning into an absolute terrifying hockeyman, but Shaw filled the pivot in a way that no one else had done. He also ended up the playoff team leader in CF% at 55.0%, tied with Bryan Bickell.

Future Considerations

With a new 2 year $2 million deal, Shaw is a damn bargain and should be poised to bumslay for the foreseeable future. He will be an RFA afterwards, and it's difficult to say if he is a long term guy. Next year, I think it’s a little more blurry than Brad Richards getting the automatic nod at 2C. While that is easily his most useful position, Q has a tendency to default to what he trusts most. Early in the year, I could see Shaw logging time with Kane and Saad. The Blackhawks are much better suited with Shaw on the 3rd line, preferably at a wing, but beggars can’t be choosers. You’d love to see him hook up with whatever guru took Marcus Kruger from a 46% to a 56% faceoff man over a summer. There is no reason to think that Shaw won’t play his same game that has brought to the Blackhawks since 11-12.

Shaw gets a B on the season.