Stanley Cup Final : Off Day Quotes

Members of both the Blackhawks and Bruins spoke to the media on Thursday, here are some of the better quotes.

Joel Quenneville

Q on if anything from Bruins surprised him in Game 1

I don't know if it was a surprise, but they're a good hockey team. I know you watch them, now you get to play against them, you see they're fast, maybe faster than you anticipated. Their top line was extremely dangerous. They've got some guys that can make plays. They got patience with the puck. Certainly got our attention.

Q's thoughts on Corey Crawford

Corey had an excellent game last night. Several key saves, particularly in overtime. Seemed to just move forward from the next save to the next save, didn't get rattled. He seemed to get stronger as the game went on, as well. All year long, all playoffs long, he's been very consistent. You love his approach, his demeanor, welcomes the next challenge, and keeps looking forward.

On matching up Johnny Oduya and Niklas Hjalmarsson against the Bruins top line

You can look at their top two lines. You could argue going into it who was going to get the matchup. All year long those two top pair, you usually see their top two, top two lines. Sometimes on a game to game or matchup to matchup, it can fluctuate. Hammer and Johnny Oduya, they usually could see the other team's top group.

On the power play's struggles

I don't know if it's the power plays that are struggling or the penalty killing has been more effective or efficient. You look at teams, Boston when they won it, their penalty killing was outstanding. I don't know the number on L.A. I think special teams are always critical. I think they can make the difference. Our power play in the last series and last night hasn't shown the production that it's needed or is going to be necessary going forward. We're still going to have to rely on it at some point to ignite us. That's what we're talking about. We're disappointed with the five-on-three last night. Want to make sure you don't lose the momentum off the game.

Patrick Kane on Dave Bolland

The thing about Bolly is you always see him step up in big games. He had a huge goal to make it 3-2. Obviously helped out on the winner, too. We've been accustomed to him showing up in those big games. It was good to see, for sure.

Marian Hossa on the goaltending they have seen in the post season

Well, yeah, especially this series, really hot goaltending, unbelievable season, post-season even stronger. Pretty much against Quick, we have to put the pucks from bad angles, going for second or third chances, that's how we're going to beat him. We have to keep shooting pucks from bad angles. Good example. Third goal, lucky bounce, going in. That's the type of goal we have to score to beat him.

Brent Seabrook on playing three overtimes

It's a long game. You know, I think guys were really focused on getting drinks in their system. Guys were eating stuff. Guys were changing out of wet equipment and all that. We got a great equipment staff, great trainers that give us every opportunity to get good things in our body, taking care of drying equipment out, drying skates and stuff like that. You know, it was a big job by them last night. It was good to help us get on the ice and play the way we could.

Kane on if the Hawks can carry over their offensive momentum throughout the series

Yeah, I mean, every game's different. I think you learn more about your opponent as time goes on, as you get deeper into a series. I think, especially last night, a team you haven't seen all year, playing them the first time, sometimes it's more of a feeling-out process, trying to see what they're accustomed to, what they do defensively. But, you know, we scored four goals. I know they only gave up two goals in the last series. Hopefully it's something we can build off of.

Nick Leddy on the power play struggles

I think you really got to try and keep things simple, not try and do too much out there. I think during the season we can kind of get away from that at times. But at this stage, you know, everybody's playing great team defense. I think we just got to try and keep things simple.

Kane on Andrew Shaw

Yeah, I sit next to him. There's times where I almost got to tell him to shut up because he just asks questions and doesn't stop talking when you're next to him there in between periods. He's really excited to be here. He's a kid that I think he got passed over twice in two drafts. We picked him up in the fifth round. He came in the next year and played. Speaks to his character, how he can put all that behind him and come in and play in the NHL right away and really be a factor. He does a lot of good things for us, whether it's hits, being an agitator, even scoring goals. He probably scores more goals off his shin pads than he does his sticks. I'm sure he'll take them, and we will, any way we can get them.

Claude Julien

Thoughts on bouncing back from a tough loss

Like I said, we've been through a lot. Again, when you go back to the year we won, we were down 2-0 to Montreal losing our first two games at home. We bounced back from that. We're down 2-0 against Vancouver in the Final and we came back. I don't think much is going to rattle our team. We're a pretty resilient group of guys. We live in the moment. This is a game, we all know, hope we should all know, that could have gone either way. Both teams had great chances. We could be sitting here today up 1-0 as much as we are down 1-0.

On the struggles of young players

Well, when you look at games, there are a lot of mistakes that are made. Some end up in goals, some you're able to recover from. Certainly, we shouldn't look and judge this player on one game where he might have been average instead of real good, like he has been. Those are part of a player getting better. Doesn't mean we lose confidence because we still had the confidence to put him out there in that game, in overtime and everything else. He's also the kind of guy that can produce that goal that you needed. It is what it is. It's easy to focus in on one thing. Yes, it was a mistake to throw that puck up the middle. If you look back at the play, I didn't think we had a great line change and he didn't have a ton of options. I think there could be some blame shared on that goal.

On Tuuka Rask's post game comments

I don't think he was blaming Krug. He probably had the right to say the same thing. It wasn't a good turnover. But, like I said, he didn't have that many options either with a tough line change and everything else. Mistakes are part of the game. Whether he made that turnover, he still scored four goals for us in the series where we need him to score. I think if you balance it out, there's a lot more positives in Torey's game than there is in that one mistake.

Patrice Bergeron on Tyler Seguin

I thought he was skating really well. Had some great looks, especially in overtime. He had some very good chances. When he's on his game, when he uses his speed like he did last night, he's really tough to defend.

Bergeron on if he can appreciate how good Game 1 was

Probably not like a fan. It was hard, physical, clean. Like I said, battling for loose pucks. It's hard to play in those situations, but fun to play in those games.

Andrew Ference on how to deal with the crushing loss

Yeah, I mean, it's a loss. It's an overtime loss. A lot of hockey was played, obviously, to get to that point. It was a good hockey game. I think there were a lot of great plays. There are a lot of guys that were frustrated with not putting the puck in the net on certain chances. I think you look back at the game as a whole, you say this is going to be a tight series. It's not like there were no chances on net, no good plays. Guys played their game. Finishing wasn't there. There was some great goaltending. So you just move on. Vancouver, everybody's first time around, right? You lose those couple games, maybe a heavier feeling than it is this morning.

Ference on Torey Krug's turnover

Well, I don't know if it's a pep talk. I think it's more it happens. It's true. We've all been there. Everybody has made passes that don't work out. So what? That's the game. I mean, nobody expects perfection. You know the other team is going to get chances. You move on. What's done is done. I think we've always been successful at really not paying too much attention to what's happened, what's gone on, whether it's history from 50 years ago or what's gone on in the last shift. That's been a good approach for us. Whether it's experienced guys, young guys, the general atmosphere in the room is fairly consistent.

Krug on if he would attempt the same pass that lead to the Hawks 2nd goal

I'd probably try again in the future. I would just execute it differently. For me, playing that way, you have to have a short-term memory. I think the best players do. I'll quickly forget about it. I'll learn from it.

Krug on if the coaching staff has addressed his "risky" style of play

Yeah, you have to make sure that you're taking care of business to be risky. I think defensively, you know, if you can't recover from those risks, then you're not going to be able to take those risks and get ice time. For me, it's becoming more reliable, accountable. Definitely I developed down in Providence like that.