Steve Larmer Has Thoughts For Mr. Bettman

I when I logged into Twitter this morning to start search for our Morning Bag Skate links I saw that my all time favorite Blackhawks player, Steve Larmer, had joined the Twitterverse. Larmer doesn't look like he is going use Twitter to promote a cause or a book. Nope, he jumped right into the CBA war between the NHL owners and NHLPA. He fired this shot with his first ever tweet:

Gary is living in a dream world. He must think its groundhog day. His deal his problem no solution other then to blame Sidney and OV

It didn't stop there either.

Great solution by NHL. Add more caps to a multi cap system. Very creative. Should help weak sisters. They must think the world is stupid

The players shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes Gary has made over the Last 20 years. No justification for lockout other than money grab

Caps work so well the owners lockout the players in all sports! They call this collective bargaining go figure!

In a cap world the players always give back. That's why the owners lock them out. The PA's become more important to owners then players.

When you always take less then what u previously had when does it stop. Another lockout in the future. Decertification is an option for PA's

I think it is safe to say that Bettman and Larmer will not be exchanging Hanukkah or Christmas cards this holiday season. Larmer is supporting his player brethren, but the players need to realize they have to make some concessions at some point to return to the ice. Maybe, just maybe the NHPA will make a new proposal and the two sides can start some real talks. The last two days accomplished nothing and there are no more meetings scheduled at this time. The staring contest continues as we wait for the first one to blink.