Still riding a high - Random thoughts from last night.

I was up until 5:00 AM last night - and no, it wasn't at a bar.

After the interview last night I watched some highlights on the NHL Network before remembering that Comcast plays encore performances late at night - So I stayed up and watched the entire thing.  I don't have Tivo but that might change after today.

So here are some of my favorite random moments from last night:

  • Finding Sam outside about 30 minutes before the game and finding out that he didn't have any copies of The Committed Indian for me because he had just sold out (don't worry - he will be printing more for Saturday's)
  • The Anthem - no need to explain that one really.  Except for the Winter Classic, it was the loudest I've ever heard it.
  • I would say the celebration after Havlat's tying goal - but the sheer pandemonium after the OT winner was like nothing I've experienced (first playoff game I've ever attended, let alone an OT game).  I think I grew extra arms and hands because I was hugging my girlfriend and at the same time slapping high fives with everyone around me and I think I hugged the older lady to the left of me too.
  • Sam running down the street after the game at me and sharing a very heterosexual hug.
  • McClure's not quite straight line walking down the street to join us later.
  • And finally this moment at the radio station, before the meeting after some "get-to-know-you" questions this one popped out, "Are you guys sober?"... pause... umm.. pause.. (points at McClure) "He's definitely not".  I'll have more on that experience later./

UPDATE:  Oh - I forgot about this moment too.  After the third period I explained to my girlfriend who doesn't really follow hockey the difference between OT in the regular season and the playoffs.  I explained to her that just about every year there's some marathon game that could go into the early hours of the morning.  I couldn't tell if she was scared or excited about it.  Then 12 seconds later....