Sunday Notes

Obviously, not much up today.

-Bolland sat out practice, and probably won't play tomorrow, or at all this week would be this observer's guess.  Versteeg skated at center at practice, and I'm willing to give it a second look after his more than satisfactory turn there on Friday.

The Hawks, as we've said, need to figure out Bolland's health, and right now.  Trying to nurse him through the year isn't going to work, there's only so many cortisone shots one can take before Satan comes to collect his due.  Either surgery or rest, but get it done.

-Apparently the Hawks have seen enough of The Ebbett-at-center experiment, he was back on the 4th line with Eager and Fraser, which probably means Kopecky is getting bumped up to the checking line.  Willing to see that as well.

-Toews was between Buff and Sharp, leaving the question of who's going to pass the puck on that line, but we'll give it a game before complaining.  Then we'll do so vehemently, cuz that's what we do here.

-Forget the Hawks going out and getting another center.  There's no cap room, and with Sharp, Versteeg, and even Kopecky there are stop-gap measures.

-Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and the power play still sucks.

That is all.