Take Us To Another Place, Take Us To Another Land

Ok people, we are a mere five days out from our second ever sojourn into another's territory. Saturday night, SCH goes honky-tonk! Hope you're as excited as I am.

Anyway, for all of you who are coming in our group, and for all of you who aren't but are going to the game and want to meet up before, we've come to the conclusion that the best place to meet up before the game is The Flying Saucer on 10th st. Here's their site. Seeing as how Kills is a professional beer snob these days, it should please his oh so cultured palate.

As for after? Well, this isn't St. Louis where we just find a place that doesn't make us puke and stay there. This is Music City! So most likely, we're just going to get in as much of it as we can after the game. Follow us, don't follow us, just be around when we need bail.

So there it is. Any other questions, post them in the comments. For those who haven't met us before and want to know what to look for when getting to the Saucer to meet the group, I'll be the tall bald due in the Winter Classic Bolland jersey, Kills will be in a white Seabrook one, and has a mane of red hair and beard that will come close to burning your retinas. I will be there from about 4pm until it's time to go watch warmups, because I never get to here in Chicago.

Who's ready for this? Probably not me...