Taking Our Punk --- To Nashville

Ok kids, the time is upon us. The tickets have been reserved, and we are a go for SCH's trip to Nashville on January 21st. Killion and I are so excited to be leading this expedition. Sadly McClure won't be joining us, but he'll be there in spirit. And Killion is everyone's favorite anyway, and I'm....uh....really good looking? I'll figure out something by the time the trip rolls around.

Anyway, here's how this will work. If you want to be part of our group, email Kills at herecomethehawks@gmail.com with your request. I think we'll limit this to no more than four tickets per person. Once you do that, I will follow up with a Paypal request for the tickets. They're $31 each. If you'd rather not go through paypal, that's cool. Just make sure you tell Killion and myself that and what we can do to sort it out.

It's first come first serve, and we have a limited amount of tickets for the game, but can add more if necessary. We hope you'll join us.