It's game day:

Maybe I'm just a sucker for Rage - but that video kicks ass.  I love that they added J.H.C.'s OT goal to the end of it too.

Due to the fact that I'm busy at work this is likely the last post before the preview.  I'll try to get the preview up early though so we can get our game day beer in on time.

This is as good a time as any to talk about superstitions though.  I have to write the preview though seeing as how I'm batting a perfect 1.000% in the playoffs - I also have to find time to go for a 3-mile run after work because that seems to work too.    Then of course there's the jersey I have to wear and the JHC shirt to bring with me to the bar.. I'm more superstitious about watching sports than I ever was when playing them competitively.

I can't remember anything I'd do before a big game when I was young but I have tons of things I can or cannot do on game days now when the Hawks play, especially for big games.  I still play softball in a beer league but anyone who really gets to into that is just annoying.  I know you all have to have rituals too - what are they?

Speaking of superstitions, for those of you waiting to hear about a viewing party - you might have to hold off on making definite plans.  We're sporting a losing record on those and don't want to tempt fate.  More on that for the preview though.