It's Teuvo Teravainen's 20th birthday, let's celebrate!

What would you get for a 20-year-old rising hockey star who probably has everything he wants and is also from Finland?

I remember on my 20th birthday, which is in mid-December, everyone was in the middle of finals week and the weather was brutally cold. I didn't do much since the standard response to going out at that time was, "Wait don't you have any finals to study for?" ... if only they realized grades are borderline meaningless unless you're going to grad school.

Anyways, here's to guessing Teuvo Teravainen is having a better 20th birthday than I had, as the Finnish hockey phenom celebrates the big TWO-OH on Thursday. Obviously there's something a bit more important to remember today, something I can't speak to particularly well given my age, but we can still celebrate Teuvo's coming of age a little bit.

This guy looks like he could be SO FREAKING GOOD. Obviously those highlights are almost entirely offensive plays and the bigger questions with Teuvo surround filling out physically and becoming more complete on both sides of the ice, but this is a four-minute highlight package and there were at least six plays in there that had me yelping like a moron.

Man, it's going to be awesome when that head on the front of the jersey is Chief Black Hawk and not that weird clown thing from Jokerit.