That Dork Looks Like Jam!: Hawks at Scum Preview/GDT/Guitar Lesson

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GAMETIME: 6:30pm



I think the title there makes me the first to make a "Detroit Rock City" reference on this blog, and though it might not have anything to do with anything, that still means I win (they make pornos that start that way too!). Anyway, the Hawks have to scoop up whatever they have left and vomit it all over the Joe tonight (though it should blend right in). I can't figure out why, but I get a scary feeling that we might see and empty-tank effort tonight. I certainly hope not, but the Hawks have had a ridiculous schedule in December, and fatigue has got to creep in at some point. Though maybe they figure they'll have two days off and they can just leave it all out there. Hopefully that's the case.

If they do bring the "a" game tonight, then they should only have a slightly harder time with Scum than they did here. It's still Datsyuk, Lidstrom, and a bunch of Grand Rapids Griffins. Even if Valterri Filpulla puts on his high-heels tonight, this team is still very shorthanded. Any effort like last night's would see two points coming back down I-94.

The Hawks will get a look at Jimmy Howard, one would suspect, after Chris Osgood turned into....well, regular season Chris Osgood against us on Sunday. Howard has been terrific this season, so Buff shouldn't expect any wristers from just inside the blue line to hit paydirt tonight. The Wings have also called up Mattias Ritola, who everyone in the hockey press will claim is the next legend in the winged wheel. Even though Leino, Abdelkader, and Helm haven't exactly gotten a breeze going between anyone's legs this season.

Most importantly, tonight we kick off Christmas at Whirlaway. I think Killion and I will be there from 6 on. Not sure if I'll be garbed out for this, but a Scott Ian looking dude who will still probably have toner embedded in his skull is pretty easy to pick out. Sure Kills will be in the Toews jersey, and McClure will be the tall guy with the bullhorn for a voice. You can't miss him, though you'll probably want to.

UPDATE: Brian Rafalski has the flu, and may not play tonight. Um, charge!