The Chicago Blackhawks are traveling in style

Who wears a suit when you can wear a Cubs jersey?

The Chicago Blackhawks are hitting the road.

Just for one game, though. But one road game still means traveling, and the Blackhawks are off to New Jersey for their next game against the Devils on Friday night.

Typically, when teams go on the road, they’re dressed up in their best suits. After all, they are, technically, going on business trips. A suit is a key part of that particular dress code.

But with the Chicago Cubs playing in the World Series? Not a chance.

It actually looks like the Blackhawks have a brand new dress code: wear Cubs gear, or you ain’t getting on the plane. (At least, I hope that’s the case. That’d be awesome.)

The Cubs will be playing in Chicago Oct. 28-30. The Hawks have a home game on the 30th, so it is entirely possible they’ll be playing in Chicago while the Cubs could be, uh, also playing in Chicago, for The Thing. (Yes, I’m knocking on wood.)

The next time the Hawks hit the road, baseball season will be over, one way or another - but this dress code is perfect for the time being, easily.