The Convention Panels We Really Want To See

If you want to spice up the annual Blackhawks fan convention, here are some panels we would really like to see next year.

The Chicago Blackhawks wrapped up another successful fan convention on Sunday. This marked the 6th year the Hawks have held the convention for their fans which includes many current players and Hawks favorites from the past. The convention doesn't do much for me mainly because the team gets enough of my money during the season. Another reason I have not attended since the first year is that the format has gotten stale. How many times can you sit and listen to the same exact panels? There is only so many times I can pay $75 to hear Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews make jokes about each other. So I have complied a list sessions, panels, seminars or whatever you'd like to call them, that would spice up next summer's convention.

Stan Mikita : 5 Decades Of Plaid Suits

How To Drink Beer While Wearing A Unicorn Mask - hosted by Patrick Kane

The Art Of Ignoring Pierre McGuire with Eddie Olczyk

"Do You Have Ideas On How To Run A Power Play Because We Got Nothing" Panel with Joel Quenneville, Mike Kitchen and Jamie Kompon

How To Find The Right Lawyer with co-hosts Chris Chelios and Theo Fleury

Tony Amonte's Guide To The Best Buffets In NHL Cities

Drinking On The Job with Pat Foley and Nikolai Khabibulin

How To Properly Apologize For Errant Elbows & Sticks with Duncan Keith

Swearing In Public with Corey Crawford and Andrew Shaw

Trolling From The Bench hosted by Ray Emery and Marty Turco

Poetry Slam with Alpo Suhonen