The Dismantling Continues...

Actually... it's just Marty Reasoner?

OnFrozenPond - the twitter account of The Miami Herald's Panthers Blog - reports that... this is hard... Marty Reasoner will be taking his talents to South Beach next season.

In exchange, the Blackhawks will receive Jeff Taffe - he of 7 seasons, 174 games and 44 points. It's definitely a drop in talent/depth for the Hawks fourth line but it also comes with a price tag drop. Reasoner was due $1,150,000 while Taffe makes only 550,000 (just a bit over league minimum). For the math-challenged - that's a savings of 600,000.... every little bit helps at this point.

As Sam says... on to the big board:

The Hawks need 3 forwards, a goalie, and lets say 3 D-men since we don't expect John Scott to be playing that often, even though that means we'll have to find other ways to fulfill our quota for AC/DC references. And assuming Huet isn't around, they've got 5.45 Million to play with now instead of the 4.8 we thought we had last week when Sam went over the numbers.

There's still a need for 3 more forwards (likely Bickell, Dowell and some other guy whose last name hopefully ends in "ell").  Three more D-Men (Hendry-625K last year and ? plus ?) and of course a Goalie. So there's more breathing room but it's still a tight fit.

Plenty of noise being made about the Taffe/Reasoner deal to free up space to sign Niemi but I still don't see the numbers working out unless the Hawks get a serious home-town discount... but that arbitration date is quickly approaching.

Expect us to be playing around with the great new calculator on CapGeek quite a bit in the next few weeks.