The End Of The Beginning Of The Beginning

We've come to the end of our little season preview, and I'm going to wrap up with quick hitters about things we didn't get to. Next week, the four of us will each try and prognosticate (say it like you mean it) what will happen with the Hawks and Western Conference this year. But first, some news. Brendan Smith got a five game suspension as well as the rest of the preseason. That's about right, I think, maybe a tad on the light side but not scandalous. I haven't seen if the AHL will also follow suit or not, feel free to correct me in the comments. What gets lost in all of this is that Brendan Smith has been touted as the Wings' best prospect, and he's had a disaster of a training camp. The Wings loving media hype machine in overdrive again.

Anyway, what didn't we get to in our preview?

-How many goals with Jonathan Toews score? - 41

-Is Patrick Kane going to be in "Fuck You" Mode all year? - Sure looks that way. Think the off-color way last season ended for him and for once having a critical eye turned to his play on and off the ice and has focused Kane. I'm thinking he threatens 90 points if not passes it.

-What will Dave Bolland's totals be? - This one's already tricky, because he's already hurt. But I'm going for 22 goals and 35 assists. I think a full-time role on the power play, which he's never really had either due to health or coaching decisions, will help.

-Is Brandon Saad going to be on the team the whole year? - God no.

How long before Coach Q shuffles lines? - 36 minutes of playing time.

Will Bryan Bickell surpass 17 goals? - He's more likely to end up a scratch, I think.

Andrew Brunette's goal total? - 21. I think playing with superior talent than he had in Minnesota bumps this up, and health has rarely been a concern with this guy.

Will Carbomb get over 10 goals? - Yes.

Will McClure stab someone if Keith and Leddy play more than three games together? - Almost certainly, and most likely me.

Will Killion's new job with Two Brothers lead to a raging alcohol problem? - No more than the one he's already got.

How long before every reader discovers Hack is a far nicer and smarter guy than the other three combined? - About seven minutes from now.

Over/under on how many times Eeyore the printer costs Sam an issue of The Indian? - 1, and I'm crossing fingers and going under.

Will Sam's vendors go the whole year without an arrest? - Didn't last year, but we're batting 1.000 this year. Book it, Danno.

Will SCH have a viewing party in the suburbs this year? Yes, not sure when or where but we are certainly efforting.