The First Wave Hits

The NHL has announced the cancellation of the regular season schedule through October 24 in a press release. This is not a surprise but it still sucks more than being stuck on a transatlantic flight next to Andy Dick . I understand labor disputes and I knew this was coming. What really has me pissed off is that there is no urgency coming from either side. There are no meetings scheduled. Each side is waiting for the other one to blink first and meanwhile the fans, team employees and stadium workers get it right up the moon with no lube.

This means the Blackhawks will lose the follow games:

10/13 vs Columbus Blue Jackets

10/16 @ Winnipeg Jets

10/18 vs Colorado Avalanche

10/20 vs Detroit Red Wings

10/23 @ St Louis Blues

So I think I can speak for most of us when I say to both the NHL and the NHLPA; grow up and figure this out!!