The Fratellis Ticket Giveaway

The fine folks over at the <a href="">Metro</a> want to give some our readers a chance to see The Fratellis live on Wednesday November 6th. They have generously given me 3 pairs of tickets to their upcoming concert to pass along to you.

Of course we all know Chelsea Dagger by heart now. The song has been identified as part of the rebirth of the Chicago Blackhawks, almost as much has the players on the ice. Some love the song, some think it’s time go but there is no doubt that it will always brings a smile to your face when it is being blasted at the United Center.

I have been thinking of a way to give these tickets away that could include everyone. So since The Fratellis sing the Blackhawks goal song, I’d like you to share the story of your favorite goal. It doesn’t have to be a Blackhawks goal. It could be a goal you scored yourself or one you watched on television. Share your stories of why it is special to you, not just "because the Blackhawks won the Cup." I will give you an example of what I am looking for.

My favorite goal was scored by Brent Seabrook on October 12, 2009. This was the first game I took my girlfriend to. We had only been together a few weeks and I was excited to bring her to a game. I also have a bit of superstition that I shared with her before we headed to the game. If the Hawks lose the first time I take you to a game you are deemed bad luck and get moved to the bottom of the ticket list. To clarify, I am only half serious about that superstition.

The Calgary Flames were in town that night and built a 5-0 lead half way through the 1st period. After the 5th goal, I jokingly turned to her and said "well I guess you won’t be coming to any more games." Without missing a beat she told me that she wasn’t worried. John Madden scored a goal with just over 2 minutes to go in the 1st to breathe some life into the arena. The Hawks would score 3 more goals in the 2nd period to cut the lead to one. Patrick Sharp tied the game early on in the 3rd period and then Seabs won in OT to complete the epic comeback.

It was during the celebration I realized that the Hawks had something special on the ice but I also had something very special off the ice too. It’s been four years since and my girlfriend and I have seen many more game together from seats and have celebrated two Stanley Cups with each other. I am blessed and very lucky to have her. Thank you Brent Seabrook for giving us that moment that will live on forever.

Over the next couple of weeks, share you stories of your favorite goal and the memories it brings back. The top three stories, as voted on by the SCH staff, will receive a pair of free tickets to see The Fratellis at the Metro. I will announce the winners on November 1st. Good luck!