The Killer Is Me?: Hawks at Canucks Game 4 Preview/Pregame Thread/Jailhouse Brawl

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GAMETIME: 8:30pm Central
Vancouver Vamp: Nucks Misconduct

Wow, we're making some friends in Vancouver...

Hey, I called Shane O'Brien "Drinky" McGoo, not "Dinky".  If you're going to completely miss the point of what we do, the least you could do is quote me right.  Ok, Mr. Mcintyre?  Thanks much.  And judging by your comments, I'm sorry our blog gets more readers than all your journalism degrees can manage.  I'd say more, but my mommy just finished making brownies and I have to go upstairs now!!!!

Anyway, tonight is all about what kind of killer instinct the Hawks have. I can't escape the feeling that Scum of Yore (I think they're opening for Sharp and the Slovaks at Empty Bottle in July) would win this type of game 5-1 and the series would be over. If the Hawks think that's what they are now, and they and we do, then you go out and put a boot firmly on jugular of your opponent tonight. Score three unanswered in the first and give the Canucks ample reason to unravel. Take the crowd out of it as soon as you can, making them throw garbage on the ice in the 1st (yeah, we're childish. Whatever dude), so that they are out of ammo by the 3rd. That's what I'd like to see.

But I don't know how likely that is. This series is still very much up in the air, and if not for some heroic saves by Antti Niemi in Games 2 and 3, the Canucks could be going for a sweep tonight. That said, if Luongo wasn't standing on his head in the 1st of Game 1, the Hawks could be doing the same. What that adds up to is that this series is pretty nip and tuck (hey, look Mr. McIntyre, I just used a total cliche! I'm ready to write for a big boy paper now!).

We'll learn a lot about the Canucks tonight, too. One, do they have something contained in their scrotum? Vancouver teams in past years most certainly did not, but I think this one might. Second, even though they have to ratchet up the intensity, can they do it in the right ways? Or will there be more punching Dave Bolland in the back of the head? Will their zealous-ness in crashing Antti Niemi's crease lead to them getting called for all the interference calls they've been bleeding out of their vaginas for the Hawks to receive (quick side note: the spellcheck on our site here does not recognize "vaginas". Is it possible it can't conceive of more than one at a time? We need to work on this thing's imagination and fantasies, SB Nation!)? Or will they direct their anger and desperation in all the right ways -- a forecheck that makes Hawks d-men turnover the puck, which we've seen plenty of? Getting in Niemi's face and screening him? Winning the battles along the boards that the Hawks simply dominated in periods 2 and 3 last time and won the game? Honestly, I don't know. I'll find out with all of you.

There are some lineup changes for the Nucks. Burrows is going to skate with Thing 1 and Thing 2, either to get him going or to get the twins going. Not sure which. You decide. Michael Grabner is going to be on the 2nd line with Kesler and Raymond, two Canucks who have nothing to apologize for so far this series, either to us or their fans. Mikael Samuelsson has been dropped to the 3rd line, where he can have a front row seat in watching Sharp and the Slovaks cockslap Kyle Wellwood and Jannik Hanssen. Rypien and Pavol Demitra, who apparently is still alive, have been scratched.

Come on down to the Bottom Lounge and join us for all the fun (1375. W. Lake).  There'll be drink specials, giveaways, tunes, swearing, and more!  Be there or be stupid, and as usual, McClure will be both.