The Pitter Patter Of Little Moccasins

Here's something for you, this will be the last week until June that there isn't some form of hockey going on, be it training camp, preseason games, the season, playoffs, the whole thing. The Hawks report a week from Friday, but we here at SCH are reporting now. Both McClure and I are back from hiatuses, refreshed and relaxed. We'll kick off our full-blown season preview next week, and we'll announce at the end of the week how we're going to do that this year (yes kids, you'll get to participate). We're also making plans on how to bring an even better, and actually done, podcast this year and hopefully we can tell you something about that in the next couple weeks. If everything goes right we'll have one of those before the season starts.

So, in case you tuned out over the end of the summer, some things to clean up:

-The Hawks signed former Dallas stooge Brandon Segal, but he is more likely just Rockford depth. He's a big forward with veteran experience that the Pigs are a little short on, and will only be dressing in the 606 if there are a few injuries. If you count Morin and Segal -- and I still think due to Q's love of him Morin will get a serious look in camp to make the team, whether he deserves it or not -- that Hawks have 16 forwards. Notice Segal isn't listed on the website, so I think that tells us where he's going. John Scott is listed as a defenseman, though on my wall he's listed as "calamity".

-Humpty Hump, otherwise known as Patrick Kane, says he's a bit ahead of schedule in recovery from his wrist surgery. The splint he was rocking at Wrigley yesterday comes off right as camp starts, and he thinks he'll get a fair amount of preseason time in. That's fine, he's been working out around the wrist injury and I wouldn't be surprised if we're in for another full season of Kaner in Fuck You Mode instead of Pull My Finger Mode. Expect a 90-point season to follow if it's the former.

-Apparently, old school Bears hats are the thing to wear amongst the Swedes.

-The Training Camp Festival is sold out, which is kind of impressive and yet kind of frightening at the same time. I get it, it's a great way to see the Hawks at the UC without paying regular season second hand prices. I'm with you. But let's face it, we talkin' bout practice man! Practice!

And that's it for now I think. In business news, make sure you sign up for a season subscription to The Committed Indian in the next couple weeks, as you'll get the training camp preview and update issues. The Early Bird Sale is gone, much like Tuesday, but it'll still be worth it. I promise.