Those Clowns In Congress Did It Again. What A Bunch Of Clowns.

My girlfriend and I were at the Goose Island Brewpub last night (and by the way - they've brewed a hefeweizen this summer that they've named "Hefe-Hawks-Win". I highly recommend you all go try it.) She pointed out one of the TVs was doing a piece about Congress passing a resolution honoring the Hawks. I immediately said "It must have been Mike Quigley". You may remember Quigley from when his time as Cook County Commissioner when he passed a resolution declaring Jan. 1st, 2009 "Chicago Blackhawks Day" and also declared Wrigleyville an "Octopus-Free Zone" just in time for the Winter Classic. We're glad to see Quigley is still showing off his love for the Hawks on the national level now.

The resolution in Congress didn't pass unanimously though - 5 people voted against it.  Two are simply representatives from New Jersey who are trying to appeal to their voters around Philly even if it has a slight whiff of sore-loserdom about it.  Two other votes weren't explained and the final vote from sourpuss Marion Berry from Arkansas was written off by saying he is "generally opposed to congressional resolutions congratulating sports teams when they are the only reason members have been required to return to Washington to vote for that day."  Whatever... I guess you really need to be straight laced and serious when you've got a name that's so close to former D.C. Mayor Marion "Bitch set me up!" Barry.

After the jump is the complete resolution if you'd like to take a look:

"Congratulating the Chicago Blackhawks on Winning the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship."
"Whereas the historic Chicago Blackhawks, as one of the 'Original Six,' have made countless contributions to sports;

"Whereas the Blackhawks and the National Hockey League have demonstrated a commitment to promoting fitness and leadership skills for youth through support for youth hockey programs and community skating facilities;

"Whereas with 101 straight home game sellouts, and an NHL leading regular-season average attendance of 21,356, the Blackhawks are the pride of their hometown, Chicago, Illinois;

"Whereas in just three years, the Blackhawks organization of Rocky Wirtz, Joel Quenneville, John McDonough, Stan Bowman, Scotty Bowman, Jay Blunk, and Dale Tallon have revitalized a franchise and reminded Chicago that it has always been a hockey town;

"Whereas the Chicago Blackhawks, through amazing offense, superb defense, and unmatched depth, dominated the regular season and won 52 games;

"Whereas the Blackhawks defeated the Nashville Predators in 6 games, the Vancouver Canucks in 6 games, and swept the Number 1 seeded San Jose Sharks to become the Western Conference Champions and advance to the Stanley Cup Final;

"Whereas in the Stanley Cup Final series, the Blackhawks held off the aggressive play and talent of the Eastern Conference Champion Philadelphia Flyers, who deserve great credit, to win in overtime, and provide one of the most exciting final series in recent history; and

"Whereas the innumerable contributions from every player, coach, and the entire Blackhawks family have ended the 49-year-long championship drought and brought the roar back to Madison Street and Lord Stanley's Cup to where it belongs, sweet home Chicago: Now, therefore, be it

"Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
(1) recognizes the Chicago Blackhawks for their long distinguished history, countless contributions to sports, and their many successes as a franchise;
(2) congratulates the Blackhawks on an amazing season and for winning the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship;
(3) recognizes the players, coaches, and leadership of the Blackhawks organization; and
(4) joins with all people in the United States and hockey fans all over the world in celebrating the return of the Stanley Cup to Chicago, Illinois."