To Quote Eric Bogosian In Under Seige 2: Dark Territory...

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

That's right kids. Get your Central Division Championship hats at the Sports Authority at Ontario and LaSalle. Oh, what's that you say? The Hawks are still six points away from clinching the division with Nashville and Scum closing quick while they're currently playing like the latter of the two hangover dumps I took this morning? Well, that's a problem then.

While I know it's silly, superstition is my one meatball blindspot, and this is completely ridiculous. Whoever greenlighted this to be released to be for sale already needs to get fired. The sense of entitlement that seems to be now associated with the Hawks and us as their fans is starting to make me nauseous. To me, this is even worse than the placards for the Cubs last year stating "It's Gonna Happen". This is seriously bad karma during a time when we're all trying to keep from self-immolating, and it's not helping.