Tonight It's Like It's Stuck Between Stations: Power Rankings - Week 5

I don't even know why I bothered to really write up any of this since just about everything is exactly the same as last week. Just to keep myself in the habit I suppose. The Hawk went 1-1-0 over the week so it makes sense that no one was all that impressed with them, especially after the loss to the Predators. Onward..

SBN Power Rankings: I didn't have time to vote again in this week's rankings and the Hawks didn't move around at all in the overall rankings, staying at 8th place, or the Western Conference where they're 3rd again. There's a new #1 in the West though..

The Hockey News: These haven't been update yet this week - when they are I'll update this.

NHL Fanhouse
: The Hawks also remain stuck in the same spot - way down at 11th overall.

TSN: The Hawks improved again in the TSN poll, moving up to 8th overall after being in 11th last week.

ESPN: Another poll where the Hawks are stuck in place - this time in 7th though making it the highest the Hawks are ranked for the second week in a row.

League Wide Stats:

The only category where the Hawks improved from last week is in FO% where they jumped up one spot - odd considering Toews is the main faceoff winner for the team.  The Hawks did win 60% of the draws against the Habs though, that helps.  The Kill, SA/G, and G/G all remain the same while everything else drops, nothing too dramatic though.
Points:  Tied for 8th with Dallas and Buffalo (17)
Goals For/Game:  14th overall (2.92)
Goals Against/Game: 5th overall (2.31)
Shots/Game:  5th overall (33.4)
Shots Against/Game: Top of the Pops x2 (22.7)
Faceoff %:  3rd overall (53.6)  
Power Play:  20th overall (17.3)
Penalty Kill:  7th overall (84.6)