Top of the Pops: Power Rankings - Week 8

I skipped this last week because it fell right at the same time as the hullabaloo over the announced possible maybe kinda sorta deals for The Big Three - I didn't want anything to detract from all of us playing GM - but with 7 in a row, the Hawks are big winners this week.  So lets take a look at this week's rankings:

SBN Power Rankings: Last week, I was the only one of the SBN writers to put the Blackhawks at the top spot in the Western Conference... This week plenty more followed my lead. Not only are the Hawks the top in the West, they're top in the league.

The Hockey News: Still not enough for the Hawks to overtake the Sharks for the top spot - we'll see what happens tomorrow though.

TSN: Ranking behind the Sharks once again at 2nd overall - but jumped up 6 spots overall.

ESPN: The World Wide Leader knows what's what. The Sharks are rightfully in second place behind the Blackhawks.

NHL Fanhouse:  6th would be upsetting if you didn't notice that the post was published Friday, before the back-to-back victories over the Oil and the Nucks.  Just unfortunate scheduling I suppose..

League Wide Stats:

The Hawks have actually dropped in shots per game - after putting up 61 shots in a single game, the Maple Leafs are up at number one for shots per game - but it's a positive gain in every aspect.

Points: At 32 points, the Hawks are tied Washington and Pittsburgh at second overall. The Sharks are at the top with 36. It's worth noting though that the Hawks have played 3 fewer games than the Sharks, and 2 less than the Penguins and Capitals.
Goals/Game: 6th Overall (3.09)
Goals Against/Game: 1st Overall (2.14) - goalie trouble?
Shots/Game: 6th Overall (32.0)
Shots Against/Game: Top of the Pops x5 (23.8)
Faceoff %: 2nd Overall (53.6) - only the Sharks are better at the dot.
Power Play: 9th Overall (22.5) - thanks Calgary!
Penalty Kill: 1st Overall (85.7)