Trade Deadline Bonanza!!

Welcome to our Trade Deadline Fun!  For some reason, I have decided to be here with you all day, or at least until the deadline, with a live blog.  Basically, I'll be here making fun of Bob McKenzie, but hell, I've got nothing better to do.  There may be a 10 minute break where I go see what Teagan Pressley is up to today, but it's my day off, you'll understand.  So let's start the fun after the jump!

9:46 AM:  Tradecentre, remember the "e" comes after up there, and we only have one deal so far.  The BJ's have acquired Antoine Vermette from Ottawa for Pascal LeClaire.  You remember LeClaire, don't you?  He was the BJ's first rookie phenom to thrive under a defense heavy system, and then suffered a total collapse.  Beware, Steve Mason.  Anyway, this is probably a good deal for Columbus, who are looking more and more like our first round opponent, which makes me queasy.  They only give up a player they have no use for, and get what used to be a serviceable player.  Vermette's been dog vomit in Ottawa this season, but so has everyone else. Maybe the change of scenery will do him good.

9:49 AM:  Tim Connolly has resigned in Buffalo, taking him off the block.  I know a lot of Hawks fans were worried the Hawks might take a run at this Fabrege Egg of a man, and I know I got a lot of strange looks last night when I said I wanted him.  Either way, that's over now, and I'm an idiot.

9:59 AM:  TSN has no less than six analysts working this today, at two separate desks.  You wonder if Canadians pay so much attention to Election Day.  Can we get Rachel Maddow on this?  Did I just end one of these with a Sports Guy question?

10:02:  I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Chris Pronger will now not be moved.  you mean there wasn't a huge market for an aging, expensive, lumbering d-man who's a suspension waiting to happen?  Color me shocked!

10:10: Panger's telling us what the Sharks may need.  I know he may be annoying at times, but how the fuck did we let this guy become the analyst in Phoenix?  With Dave Strader, no less.  Wasted on that market.  Not that I know what "Holy Jumpin'" means.  I'm starting a Panger-for-Eddie O campaign.

10:15: And yet with six analysts, Pierre McGuire is doing all the talking.  As always.

10:20:  TSN is advertising their game tonight between Montreal and Buffalo.  How did the CBC let the Hockey NIght In Canada Theme get away?  Morons....

10:26:  I'm sorry, TSN has 9 analysts at work here.  Anyway, McKenzie is reporting Ollie Jokinen is off to Calgary.  No word on for who though, but that's interesting.  And a bit frightening.  Though Ollie hasn't done much in Phoenix.  Hey, remember when all the Yotes fans told us this was an up-and-coming team?

10:30:  Both McGuire and McKenzie have been caught with their mic's off in the past 5 minutes.  This happens every deadline day.  Love it.

10:39:  Leopold!   Leopold!  Jordan Leopold heading to Calgary.  Officially.  Meh.

11:01:  NHL Live is rolling out an impressive lineup of analysts, too.  La Greca, Jaffe, Clement, and Jim Fox from LA.  Think I'll go with them for a bit....

11:05:  Here's a blockbuster!  The Blues have reportedly acquired Danny Richmond!  That's the sound of jaws hitting the floor.

11:06:  Buffalo has acquired Michael Tellqvist from the sinking ship that is Phoenix.

11:10:  Clement is reporting the Dallas Stars have claimed the upright corpse that is Brendan Morrison.  There's also been some rumblings that Mike Ribeiro might be available, but I doubt the Hawks would have what it takes.  He's a twat for sure, but a talented one.

11:13:  Pittsburgh has solved our Craig Adams problem, and claimed off waivers.

11:14:  By the way, these are all links to the blogs of teams.  I think that's what Matt wanted.

11:17:  Does anyone see the informercials on NHL Network, like the Thermapulse or Snuggie and fear for our society?

11:20: Whoever thought it was a good idea to put Don LeGreca on Hi-Def TV does not have much of a future in television.

11:21:  Jim Fox, the Kings color man, has this annoying way of ending every fucking sentence.  There's a paus with about five words to go, and then a rushed, sing-songy ending of the sentence.  "Honey, I think I'm going to take the trash....outintothealley."  "What do you mean I've been cut off....becausei'msittinginmyvomit"

11:25:  Right, gonna break this up a bit and start a new post for hour three.  Dan Waddell is on the phone with NHL Live, he's the GM of the Thrashers.  I'm surprised he knows how to work a phone.